Need a Document? Your online search should be simple.

Swappe is a live search engine which makes it painless to find documents on the web.

We help people find, share and broadcast professional and personal documents. In beta version, easy and flexible document searching and sharing is our main priority.

Everyone, though, needs a place to sit.

No matter where you are or what day it is, there’s an affordable desk waiting for you. We're trying to change the way people use their workspace, giving people the ability to work from their apartment one afternoon and a killer office in the heart of the city the next.

We're based out of Chicago where we're creating simple, useful software to help people find, share, and manage extra space. We also manage The Coop, our own coworking space in Chicago, and use our software every day. We're excited you're trying Desktime and look forward to your help in building our community!